lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

Exchange Programme Letters (Tomás Morales)

Host family: Mr. and Mrs. Luck, USA.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Luck,
Hi! My name is Tomás Morales.  I’m twelve years old and I go to “Escuela de la Costa” school in Puerto Madryn.
My family and I live in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. My dad is a doctor. He works in the “Isola” hospital and he’s very hard-working. My mum has got a degree in administration. She is very clever and, usually, she is cheerful. She is also patient. My sister, Delfina, is younger than me. She’s grumpy but she’s honest and a good person. She wants to be a doctor or a stylish dresser. My brother, Ramiro, is also younger than me, he’s three months old.
In my free time, I sometimes play with my friends and my dog, Flopi.
I’m sending you a photo of me and my family with this letter. I’ve got wavy dark hair. My sister has got straight dark hair but my mum has got straight fair hair.
I’m really happy about this exchange!
Yours sincerely,
Tomás Morales.

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