lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

Exchange Programme Letters (Pedro Correch)

Host family: Mr. and Mrs. Peters

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Peters,
My name is Pedro Correch.  I’m eleven and I go to “Escuela de la Costa” school in Puerto Madryn.
My family and I live in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. My dad is a restaurant manager. He’s works in a restaurant and he’s very hard-working. My mum is a restaurant manager too. She works in a restaurant and she’s very hard-working. Sometimes, my mum makes cakes. My brother, Juan, works in the restaurant with my dad. He does scuba diving. He’s very tall and he has got black hair. My sister, Manuela, works at the restaurant with my mum. She makes cakes and cookies, and, in her free time, she also does scuba diving. She’s tall and she’s got brown hair.
In my free time, I sail and ride my bike. I’m very tall and I have fair hair.
Yours sincerely,

Pedro Correch.

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