lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

Exchange Programme Letters (Mateo Gentile)

Host family: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,
My name is Mateo Gentile. I’m eleven and I go to “Escuela de la Costa” school in Puerto Madryn.
My family and I live in Puerto Madryn. My dad is hard-working and he works with my mum. He sells clothes to people. My mum also works with my dad. She is great fun and she is very patient. Now, she is working with my dad. She works every day except on Saturdays. I’ve got two brothers, one is older and the other is younger than me.  Giuli is the oldest and he is bossy but Gino, the youngest, is very cheerful and shy but he’s very bossy.
In my free time, I usually play soccer. I’m good at it!
I’m sending you a photo of me and my family with this letter.
I’m really looking forward to staying with you.
Yours sincerely,
Mateo Gentile.

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